The Firm handles all forms of real property practice with the exception of real estate litigation, although the firm does provide consultation about real estate litigation matters to clients and other attorneys. The firm represents residential real estate buyers and sellers, commercial real estate buyers and sellers. The firm also represents municipal governments in purchase or sale transactions and other real property matters. Comprehensive residential closing services are provided for buyers and sellers with properties in Orange, Durham, Chatham, Wake and Alamance Counties. Comprehensive commercial closing services are provided for any property in North Carolina. Delivery of residential and commercial real practice services involves working relationships with title insurance companies, lenders, realtors, surveyors and other vendors related that may be involved in a particular transaction.

The firm routinely reviews and drafts residential or commercial contracts; restrictive covenants; easements; homeowners associations documents; condominium, townhouse and subdivision documents; and reviews surveys and recorded plats; assists surveyors and planning engineers as needed in subdivision development; and represents builders and developers including representation before local elected officials and boards.


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Tax Information

Who pays the Taxes

Property taxes are prorated with the buyer and seller each paying a portion of the tax bill for the current year. Tax bills are usually sent in August and are due September 1st. They can be paid without penalty until January 5th of the following year. After that, interest is charged on unpaid taxes. Tax bills are sent to whomever owned the property on January 1st of the tax year.


You bought property before September 1st and you or your lender will have to pay the taxes for the year. At closing you received a credit from the Seller for his share of the year’s taxes. The seller should forward you the tax bill to you. You should contact the Seller in September to get your tax bill or you may get a duplicate bill from the tax department. The tax bill will be in the name of the Seller and sent to him because he owned the property on January 1st of this year.

You bought property after September 1st and the closing attorney will most likely have paid the taxes at the time of closing. You should not receive a bill for the current year’s taxes.


You sold property before September 1st and you will receive a tax bill that should be sent to the buyer as soon as you receive it. You gave the buyer a credit at the closing for your share of the taxes.

You sold property after September 1st and the closing attorney will have paid the taxes at the time of closing.

Special Situations

If you bought or sold a portion of a larger tract or a lot from a new subdivision, then the buyer’s portion of the tax bill was paid at closing to the Seller and the Seller will pay the taxes on the whole tract. Next year, the buyer should receive a bill for his lot.


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